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Holy Graal - "Just A Signal"

Now look how you can be led to a positive or negative prejudice: some months ago, I listened to a very interesting French prog band called Headline. Having noticed almost nothing regarding prog in France, this made me think that there should be some more bands there playing well. A few months ago, I listened to Syrinx, another progmetal band form France, playing for Season For Mist. They were tragic, I still don't know how I survived the experience of listening to them. So, I started to doubt seriously about French progmetal. And now, we have a quintet from Marseilles, in a self-released demo-CD of four songs. I have to admit that I am excited. 4 songs, 23 minutes, and a very promising future. Yes, the sound could be better (it's all ok though), but so what? These guys gave us some really interesting and mature songs, going mainly through House Of Spirits, Marillion and Rush, along with some hard rock parts, but their personal mark is really strong. Maybe because they choose to write short and full of energy songs instead of jamming constantly, or maybe because of their haunting spacey keyboard work. I don't know. All I know is that, in case they are able to write more songs like the last, 9-minute long one they have here, with such melodies, oriental female vocals and atmosphere, they'll become a great band. I'm looking forward on listetning to new songs of them. Check them out at their official site, and I would suggest to keep an eye on them.


Yiannis Vidiadakis

ps.Very nice artwork, too - and oh, do Greek letters seem that exotic in the rest of the world? ;=) 

Epigram for the last straw 2000