Holy Graal

From the country of the berets and the Eiffel tower, we
presented/displayed to this band with which we create is its EP debut. Always there is unfortunate similarity that the bands decide to sing in a language other people's to hers, and here is not the exception (and in the case of being French, he is more lamentable still). The style of Holy Graal is difficult to define, podriamos to say that it is a mixture of metallic rock with I touch progressive and gothic (it imagines to Queensryche mixed with Bauhaus).

If this band tried to develop plus its instrumental facet as the
central passage of "Global Awareness" could have important profits in the French scene, very competed by the way.


Jesús Díaz, Octubre 20, 2002

Ritual One

Just A Signal ...




prog-goth metal



  1. Birds (4:45)
  2. Insane (5:15)
  3. Now You Understand (3:58)
  4. Global Awareness (9:12)



  • Frederic Guionnet - guitarras
  • Frederic Isnard - voz + bajo
  • Gil Pinatel - teclados
  • Fatima Taamallah - voz
  • Cyrill Toequellas -bateria


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