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Damn, I don't remember when I'd heared such a good rock music before. Yes, ladies and gentlemen - Holy Graal plays progressive rock, which atracts me a lot… Some people know why ;)
It's hard to find any clear conotations. While listening to Holy Graal you can hear some later Yes stuff, some Marillion or Fish solo works, and the whole is spiced with good musical workshop and interesting vocals. Frederic's vocal connected with Fatima's singing sounds really great. Already in opening 'Birds' happens much in this matter and next tracks just confirm their skills. Songs are diferentiated… Once it's faster, once slower, sometimes more progressive and 'spacey'… What's important, Holy Graal also diferentiates duration of their tracks - there are short ones like 'Birds' or 'Now You Understand' and over 9 minutes long giants - 'Global Awarness' and 'Only Mind Can Save'. This half an hour goes really fast and I even didn't notice that '...Just A Signal' started to play in my CD player again! For fans of progressive music Holy Graal would be a great band. Highly recommended!

Lista utworów:
1. Birds
2. Insane
3. Now You Understand
4. Global Awarness
5. Only Mind Can Save